The Gulf grand voyage. intro

The new country is like a fresh book where every page you read is novel. Finishing and closing it is sad, but we might go back and revisit, reread one day. And by the time it happens, you will have wider perspectives' impressions and experiences based on the knowledge and some more wisdom you've gained.

Dubai is a true high-tech oasis in a desert. The very first thought you get seeing huge and tall Burj Khalifa surrounded by smaller skyscrapers from your window seat is a deep astonishment. However, what really fascinated me is the remaining basis of culture and history, respect to traditions and details, and its organic coexistence with modernity.

First night at Ajman. Like this world breathes and resonates sounds, birds cross the sky along with airplanes, purified by the song of the sea, the gulf and the dunes. Dunes that surrounded emirates' lands for thousands of no-man decades.

The coast, a piece of art, looks like a deserted light installation surrounded only by sand and the sky encrusted with bright shining stars. Nature is never stable. Like the sea or the desert, human soul is always in the mode of searching, moving and exploring too.

Porthole landing views.

Emirate of Dubai


The first day of our grand voyage were started at Ajman Saray, Luxury Collection.

Welcomed (and accompanied during the stay) with arabic cardamom coffee and dates, kind hospitality and warm gulf air inspiration has visited me in this quite, relaxing and simply gorgeous place.

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