we accumulate energy until it becomes enlightenment. Past two years were nomadic and i believe thus, transformative. but the most influential experience was secluded in the absence.

perception of lie is challenged by travel, days are lengthened, and experience we receive is sometimes hard to measure with mundane scales. However, i realized it doesn't happen in the bustle but in ensuing stillness, we gravitate to. 

Its worth

he cup is full.

 travel we realize how saturated with diversity our planet is. we discover cultures, like patterned carpets that are wavered into each other. 

but above all, I value the void. the void that can be foud in train travel, the void of transition, the void of silence, the void of the clear holizon. it was when i sat on  the ship to catch last rays of sunshine gradually transitioning into teilight when i found myself alone in this world. the state of tranquility. i looked at the sea and the sky in that one moment of stillness, there was no line or border to the water and air, they became one inviting warm substance, and i felt to be an integral part of it. An absolute meditative stillness in that moment is a feeling of unity with this world. .


Awakening there were parts of reality coming back to view, the ship lingering in the distance, the moon on another side of the world, awareness of human body, memory and thought. i remembered we are en route to the tip of the Persina Gulf- Oman's small port of Khasab. 



Khasab, Oman
- Castle (al khamazera)
- Port
- bukha fort
- Musandam fjords
To eat drink:
- omani coffee (coffee, rose water, dates, cardamom)
- dates can be bought in sikkit market

Omani words and other info:
Sahra - пустыня
Jabal - Bedouin
MSar - платок
Zanzibari- kafiya, kufiya
Arabic- kumma
Kharif- осень.

Dhofar- is a real ocean?

Salalah has the best crimate in the area, in the summer it remains to have only 20°celcius with monsoons. No sun and a lot of rain that results in countleas waterfalls and very lush greenery.

4 million years ago arabian peninsula was under the sea water.
20 years ago ago in white grotes (пещеры,извистняки) they were living.

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