Our Itinerary looked like this, as we arrived to Barcelona at lunch time, it happened to start at 2 oclock.

14:10 - arriving at the hotel. 

Ours was right close to the Sants Estacio, city's main rainway station.

next up you can take a metro or a taxi, or if you feel energizes exlore the city by feel. However, keep in mind Barcelona is huge and even if the main magistrales are very beautiful you wilk get tired from the distances between main attractions. It wasnt our first visit therefore this guide concentrates on Antonio Gaudi's creations mainly... well, with some very good food locations around them too.

Sagrada Familia

Casa Mila

Casa Battlo

passing by the Catalonia Square 

Columbus Monument and the seashore with the Moll de La Fusta - a modern promenade especially enjoyable to visit during the goldern hour.

on the next day:

had a stroll through the park l'espana industrial but it wasnt really cleans so we rushed a lot. Then we just decided to catch some spanish breakfast aka orange juise and a pastry on the way. We found the chain cafe -      - and enjoyed above mentioned meal started with some jamon, bread and cheese.

I dd enjoy a stroll we had towards the Barcelona Paavillion designed by Mies Van der Rohe as this district looked much more organized and well kept, we some people already awake that as we though looked like locals

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